How Amazon Prime Benefits Basically Pay For Themselves

Amazon Prime BenefitsI will put this out there right now, I’m an Amazon junkie. With the company boasting over 244 million customers, I know I’m not the only one. If you’re a serious user of Amazon, then you probably have Amazon Prime. If you don’t, here’s why you should consider getting it, because the Amazon Prime benefits basically pay for themselves.

Free 2-Day Shipping

The most important of the Amazon Prime benefits is the free 2-day shipping. People universally hate paying for shipping. If two different online shops advertised the same item and one offered if for $22 + $3 shipping and the other offered it for $25 with FREE SHIPPING! Guess which one you’re more likely to buy.

Without Amazon Prime, free shipping kicks in at $35 and takes 5-8 business days to arrive. With Amazon Prime, there’s no minimum to meet. If a product is listed as Prime eligible, you can order that item and get it for free in 2 days. How many times have you added $20 worth of items to your cart to avoid paying $3 in shipping? That problem goes away with Prime.

Don’t need it in 2 days? With Prime, you can select standard 5-day shipping instead and be given a credit on your account toward future grocery or media purchases.

Prime Pantry

For those who prefer to avoid grocery stores, Pantry allows Prime members to fill a box with groceries, household products and pet supplies for a flat delivery fee of $5.99. If your order includes 5 qualifying items, then the shipping is free.

Prime Video

Similar to Netflix, Amazon gives you unlimited access to stream movies, TV shows and original content. Besides being able to stream, you can also download many of the shows and some movies onto your phone or tablet to watch offline.

Prime Music

While not quite as large a library as other music streaming apps such as Pandora or Spotify, Prime Music still has 2 million ad-free songs you can stream. Like Video, you can also download songs and listen to them offline.

Audible Channels

Get unlimited access to original audio series and audiobooks. It also includes Prime Exclusive Audiobooks which includes best sellers and celebrity-narrated classics. This is a $60/year valued included free.

Prime Photos

Prime membership also grants you access to unlimited space in the cloud for photo storage. It also provides 5GB of storage for documents, videos and other files.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading opens up a subset of the entire Kindle Unlimited library to Prime members. Members can read an unlimited number of books, magazines, comics and audiobooks on Kindles or any device that has the Kindle reading app.

Lending Library

For Kindle owners only, borrow one free book per month from the Kindle owners lending library. While you won’t find the newest or most popular books here, there are plenty of highly rated ebooks across all genres available.

Kindle First

Each month, editors select 6 new, not yet released books and Prime members can choose one to download for free. This one is to keep. No need to return when you’re done with it.

Amazon Elements

Get exclusive access to Amazon’s own line of every day baby products, typically at lower prices that your typical big brand names.

Early Access

Amazon often offers lightning deals which offer products at a significantly discounted price for a limited time or while supplies last. Prime grants you 30-minute early access to these deals before it opens up to all shoppers.


For the gamers, Twitch is a site that allows users to view and share game videos. Prime users can access Twitch ad-free after linking their account. It also gives you one free channel per month, access to free game content and exclusive discounts on game pre-orders and new releases.

Get 5% Cash Back On Literally Everything On Amazon

The Amazon Prime Rewards Card from Visa offers cash back on all purchases, but purchases made on Amazon are a whopping 5% back if you’re a Prime member (3% back if you’re not a member). If you do a significant amount of shopping on the site, that cash back will add up quickly.

Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits

Share some of the Amazon Prime benefits with another adult in your home by creating an Amazon Household profile. It let’s you share ebooks, audiobooks, apps and games between accounts while also giving both accounts free 2-day shipping.

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