Here’s How To Get $550 In Free Money

Free Money

Your business is valuable.

With the internet shrinking the world, it’s easier than ever to find the best deals, the best products and the best stores. Companies have to work harder than ever to get your attention in a crowded marketplace. Sometimes that “work harder” just means straight up giving you money.

Here are a list of companies that give you free money right now:

Ibotta Will Pay You $10 To Give You Cash Back On Groceries

No, that’s not a typo. Ibotta is an app the gives you money to sign up and then gives you cash back on a rotating list of groceries, alcohol and restaurants. Staples like bread, milk and eggs regularly appear on there all the time in addition to hundreds of other products that change weekly.

Additionally, they’ll also pay you $5 for signing up friends and family members.

How to get $10 and start saving: Join Ibotta or download it from the app store and enter PROMO CODE xpviaak at sign up.

Ebates Will Pay You $10 To Give You Cash Back On All Your Online Shopping

Like Ibotta, Ebates is an app that gives you cash back at thousands of stores online. If you do any shopping online, this app is a must. Upon sign up, you’ll get $10 in your account after you make a $25 purchase.

I don’t recommend buying something just to get the bonus but if you are already buying literally anything online for any reason, sign up for Ebates first and get the sign up bonus and cash back.

Ebates collects referral fees from the stores that it’s partnered with and shares a portion of the referral with you. All you do is go to Ebates first, type in the store you want to shop at and follow the link through to your destination website. They’re basically giving you free money to sign up and earn more free money.

The cash back you earn accrues in your Ebates account and a check is automatically sent to you quarterly.

How to get the $10 and cash back on online purchases: Join Ebates here and complete the sign up process.

Haven’t Used The Amazon App Before? Here’s $5 To Go Use It

It’s as simple as it sounds. If you haven’t used the Amazon app before, you can get $5 for downloading it and making a purchase. Even better, you can then refer friends and family to download the app and both of you will get $5 when they do. Who doesn’t love Amazon, especially when they’re throwing money at you?

Sure, I’ll take 5 bucks: Use the Promo link to Amazon here and follow the directions to download the app

Get A $70 Amazon Gift Card When You Sign Up For Their Credit Card

For those in the market for a credit card, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card is an excellent choice, especially if you regularly shop on Amazon. Amazon will also give Prime members a $70 gift card (or $50 for non-Prime members) when they are credit approved. Most credit cards will give you a sign up bonus for spending a certain amount of money over the first couple months. Amazon pays you right up front.

In addition to no annual fees, the card gives Prime members 5% back on all Amazon purchases (3% back for non-Prime members), 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drug stores and 1% everywhere else.

Just remember not to carry a balance month to month or the interest paid wipes out a lot of the cash back benefits and then some!

Where to get it: Sign up here for Prime members or here for non-Prime members

Get $5 To Start Investing With The Stash App

For those who haven’t started investing, it can be a little intimidated getting started. Fortunately there are are a number of apps that have been popping up to help you get in the game. Stash is an app that let’s you begin investing with as little as $5. Better yet, they’ll give you that $5 to get started (Thanks to a special bonus from The Penny Hoarder). So really you have no excuse not to sign up. Free money to invest? Get on it!

Give me that $5 to start investing: enter your email address here, download the Stash app and register with the same email address

Get A $150 Bonus To Invest With Motif

Motif Investing is another online brokerage app where you can begin investing with a relatively small amount of money compared to other brokerages. One of the attractive features of Motif is their creator loyalty program. You can create motifs (baskets of up to 30 stocks or ETFs – like a mutual fund) and each time someone else purchases or rebalances a motif you built, you get $1. They also offer up to $150 in sign up bonuses when you join.

How to earn a sign up bonus with Motif Investing:

  1. Sign up at Motif Investing or download the app.
  2. You must open an account and fund it with at least $2,000 in the first 10 calendar days.
  3. The account must remain open for at least 45 calendar days.
  4. Number of trades made within the first 45 days will result in these sign up bonuses:
    • 1 trade = $50
    • 3 trades = $75
    • 5 trades = $150

Score Up To $300 In Free Money When You Open Up A Bank Account

Did you know that banks will literally hand you cash to do business with them?

Ok, while it may not be that easy, it’s still pretty simple. Most banks require that you keep a certain balance in the account for a certain amount of time, but that’s it! If you already have money sitting in one bank account, there’s nothing wrong with moving some of it into a new account for a nice bonus.

Which bank should I sign up with? Check out the list of banks who offer sign up bonuses here


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    1. Motif is an online brokerage account where you can create your own exchange traded funds that they call motifs. It is a legitimate site that has received positive reviews and ratings from a number of sources. As always with investing, your principal investment is subject to the ups and downs of the companies, industries or markets you invest in.

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